10 Foods to Avoid for Whiter Teeth

September 11th, 2014 → 5:15 pm @

If you’ve ever accidentally spilled your morning coffee on your way to work, you know that the dark liquid will leave a stain on your clothes. Did you also know that your morning cup can stain your teeth, making them look dull and dark? There are a number of beverages that can stain your teeth, including coffee, tea, and red wine, which your dentist may recommend you avoid. Dark foods such as soy sauce and even blueberries can do the same thing, so watch what you eat for the benefit of your smile. Take a look at this infographic from Sanford Dental Excellence, a sedation dentistry office in the Lake Mary area, to learn about other foods and drinks that can lead to tooth staining. Please share with your friends and family, and schedule your next dentist appointment today!

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