A Woman’s Guide to Periodontal Health

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Being a woman brings a unique set of health concerns. In addition to your gynecological needs, did you know that you have unique periodontal concerns? Thanks to the hormones that begin at puberty, a woman’s life is filled with dental challenges. Thankfully, your dentist can help. Here is an overview of how being a woman affects periodontal health:

Women who have carried a child are well aware of the dental symptoms that arise. Thanks to the hormones that support the pregnancy, gums may bleed more. They may also be more sensitive. Periodontal health is crucial during pregnancy, both for the mom and the baby. There is a link between dental infections and small, pre-term babies. Additionally, any infection in the mother’s body can pose a risk to the unborn child, so any dental condition should be treated by a dentist promptly.

Puberty and Menstruation
While periodontal symptoms occur commonly with pregnancy, many young ladies and women experience similar problems when puberty starts and before their periods. Again, the changes in hormones are to blame for swollen gums, increased sensitivity, irritation, and bleeding gums. Menstruation gingivitis clears up after a woman’s period ends, and dental problems associated with puberty subside as a young girl’s body becomes more accustomed to the new hormones in her body. See your dentist if you or your daughter continues to have dental issues.

Menopause and Beyond
The onset of menopause again brings changes to periodontal health. The diminishing hormones may cause mouth pain, dryness in the mouth, burning in the gums, and taste changes. Menopausal gingivitis is also a concern. Gums may bleed or become more sensitive, just as they do at other times when hormones are involved. Your dentist can help you find solutions to your post-menopausal periodontal challenges.

In Sanford, the dental experts at Sanford Dental Excellence offer solutions for good periodontal health through all stages of your life. We even offer sedation dentistry, so your procedures will be comfortable and peaceful. To schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (407) 268-6409.

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