Debunking Myths About Root Canals

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Root canals—or endodontic treatment—are the safest and most effective way to save teeth from painful and damaging tooth decay. Unfortunately, several myths persist about the treatment. The following myths are among the most commonly shared inaccuracies regarding root canals.

Root Canals are Painful
The most common misconception about root canals is that they cause pain, when in fact they relieve it. The myth itself dates back many decades—prior to the introduction of modern endodontic technologies. Today, the procedure is no less comfortable than a routine teeth cleaning. In a recent survey, patients who’ve had the procedure—as opposed to those who haven’t—were six times likelier to describe it as painless. After all, the purpose of a root canal is to remove painful tissue damage from teeth.

They Cause Infections
Another myth regarding root canals is the much-discredited theory that they cause infections. This particular myth was rooted in the 1920s-era research of one Dr. Weston A. Price, who made false claims to discourage root canals in favor of tooth extraction. Despite a brief wave of fear-based tooth extractions, science eventually closed in on the true causes of infectious diseases, and Price’s claims were refuted by the medical community during the 1950s.

Extractions are Better
Another misperception—stemming largely from Price’s claims—is the myth that tooth extractions are safer, healthier, and preferable to root canals. Fact is, no scientific evidence links root canals to infection; and since teeth don’t grow back, they’re always worth saving. Even if you got an artificial tooth in place of an extracted one, it could prevent you from consuming certain foods.

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