Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

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Did you know that you can fight cavities and periodontal disease even when you’re not brushing or flossing your teeth? Your diet can factor considerably into the health of your teeth and gums. Just as foods and drinks like candy and soda can erode and damage teeth, the following items can clean and fortify them. For more tips on what foods can increase your oral health, consult your dentist.

The reason why so many foods can be dangerous for your teeth is because they contain harmful sugars that mix with damaging bacteria. However, food such as cheese can have the opposite effect on your teeth. This type of dairy product contains an element called casein. Casein can deter the formation of tooth decay. Cheese also has an ample amount of calcium, which is one of the building blocks of tooth enamel, so eating it can help to bolster tooth strength.

Many people might be conscientious about their eating habits only to let their drinking ones fall to the wayside. Even if you refrain from eating sugary or carb-heavy foods, you could be derailing your oral hygiene habits with the beverages you consume. Sports drinks and soda in particular are harmful because they both contain high levels of sugar. Soda also comes with acidic ingredients. Milk, on the other hand, is free from the dangerous acids in other beverages. Its calcium content and light color can also benefit teeth by boosting the enamel’s strength and preventing discoloration.

When you don’t have a toothbrush handy to clean away your last meal, try eating an apple. The hard, fibrous nature of this fruit can help to dislodge food particles that may linger after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The saliva production that occurs when you eat an apple can also help rinse away harmful bacteria.

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