Healing and Care of Your Dental Implants

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Dental implants are an optimal solution for missing, chipped, or rotted teeth. An implant itself is not subject to the kinds of rot that affect the mouth’s organic parts. However, proper oral hygiene must be maintained—along with routine checkups—following a dental implant procedure.

Healing Time
When it comes to dental implants, healing times can vary according to an individual’s bone quality. In general, however, implants take from two to four months to heal. Thanks to improvements in the technology behind bone/titanium attachment, certain manufacturers have marketed implants with improved healing times. In some cases, dentists are able to place and load implants within a single day.

Oral Hygiene
To keep your implants in optimal condition, you must maintain a proper regimen of oral hygiene. While they’re not vulnerable to cavities or decay, implants can fall prey to infections that could cause bone loss. Infections that circle around implants are known as peri-implantitis, which stands in contrast to periodontal (gum-related) infections. To avoid such an infection, daily brushing and flossing is essential. Additionally, your dentist should evaluate your oral hygiene in relation to your implants during each checkup.

Routine Maintenance
As with anything artificially added to the body, your implants must undergo routine inspections. On a periodic basis, X-rays should be taken to see how your bones and implants take to one another. The restorations affixed to your implants should also be inspected on a recurrent basis for strength and functionality. Now and then, the attachment screws of your restoration could loosen, but all that’s really needed here is a screw cleansing, replacement, or refastening. In any case, restoration problems should be fixed upon detection, otherwise more serious issues could result.

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