How Often Should Senior Citizens Visit the Dentist?

December 26th, 2013 → 8:42 pm @

Good oral health is important regardless of age. That’s why seniors should make regular visits to the dentist. This video discusses the importance of professional dental care for older individuals.

Elderly dental patients have several distinct needs. For one, they may suffer from a higher incidence of oral cancer. A dentist can inspect the tissues of the mouth to identify any signs of disease. In addition, many seniors use dentures, which require consistent dental evaluation. A dentist can determine whether a patient’s dentures require replacement or adjustment. A dentist can also provide professional treatment for common dental issues such as periodontal disease.

If you are due for your dental checkup, call Sanford Dental Excellence today at (407) 268-6409 for an appointment. We welcome senior residents from all around the greater Lake Mary and Sanford community.

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