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For most patients, dentists recommend scheduling check-ups at six-month intervals. However, it’s always a good idea to ask your dentist if you should have professional cleanings more often than this. You can get the most out of your next dental visit by being a prepared patient. Use the following tips to get ready for your appointment.

Write a List of Questions
Bringing along a list of questions to ask your dentist will prevent you from forgetting anything. The questions you’ll ask depend on the state of your oral health. For example, if you’re prone to developing cavities, you might wish to ask what you can do to prevent future cavities. If you have oral appliances such as crowns, ask the dentist if they’re still intact and undamaged.

Bring Notes about Your Health
You should update your medical information each time you visit the dental office. It can be helpful to bring along a list of your medical conditions. Certain medical conditions can affect your oral health in addition to your overall health, such as diabetes, respiratory diseases, and kidney failure. Bring along a list of any medications or supplements you’re taking. Jot down notes about any surgeries or procedures you’ve had recently, or whether you’re planning a procedure in the future. Additionally, make a note of any abnormalities you’ve noticed with your mouth. Examples include the appearance of sores or lesions, changes in the way your teeth fit together, and sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and foods.

Practice Your Techniques
Patient education is a critical component of a successful dentist visit. Practice your brushing and flossing techniques between dentist visits. Remember to use gentle, circular strokes and to angle your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gum line. Demonstrate your techniques at your visit and ask whether you’re cleaning your teeth properly.

Arrive a Little Early
Plan to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. You may need to fill out some paperwork or update your insurance information.

Schedule your next dental visit today with the friendly team at Sanford Dental Excellence. Please call our dentistry practice in Lake Mary at (407) 268-6409 with any questions you might have. We also offer emergency visits for patients with urgent dental issues.

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