See How Teeth Whitening Can Change Your Smile with this App!

April 22nd, 2014 → 4:19 pm @

Have you been wanting to get a professional teeth whitening at the dentist but are not sure if the results will be worth it? The Whitening Simulator app available on iTunes can help you figure out how well the treatment will work for you.

Thanks to the advanced face and smile detection software in the app, you can get a glimpse of how white your teeth will be after your treatment. You can check out your “before and after” results before you even make an appointment with the dentist.

Once you have decided to get your teeth whitened, come to Sanford Dental Excellence for some of the best cosmetic dentistry services in the Lake Mary area. We are here to give you access to the oral care that you need to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. Call (407) 268-6409 to learn more.

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