Sleep Apnea 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 26th, 2014 → 4:35 pm @

When most people think about going to their Sanford dentist, they think about getting their teeth cleaned, improving crooked teeth with Invisalign, or even getting dental implants. However, did you know that your dentist may actually be able to help you improve your sleep? Sleep apnea is a common condition, affecting one in five adults in the country. Sleep apnea causes interruptions in breathing during sleep that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. In addition to decreasing the quality of your sleep, sleep apnea can make you feel irritable, make you unable to concentrate, and increase the likelihood of traffic accidents. In this infographic from your Lake Mary dentist, you’ll learn more about sleep apnea and how Sanford Dental Excellence can help treat it. Let your dentist help you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, and please share this infographic with your friends and family!

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