The Best Candidates for Mini Dental Implants

December 19th, 2013 → 8:28 pm @

The development of dental implants gave individuals the chance to effectively restore any missing teeth. Now, mini dental implants are giving denture wearers the chance to enhance their smiles more easily. Dentures can come with several inconvenient drawbacks. They may come loose while one eats or speaks. They may also rub against the gums and cause discomfort. Mini dental implants can eliminate these issues. These implants attach to the denture device, helping to make having a complete smile easy and comfortable. This restorative measure is an option for many denture wearers. Given their minimally invasive nature, mini denture implants can prove effective even for individuals with receding bone. To find out if you can benefit from mini dental implants, consult your dentist.

Sanford Dental Excellence is proud to offer mini dental implants to our patients in the greater Lake Mary and Sanford community. If you are tired of attending to your denture maintenance needs, we can help. To see a dentist at our facility, call us at (407) 268-6409.

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